I saw this one coming: reviewing myself

Actually, I didn’t see this coming, but I wish I had: scholarly authors who see themselves coming by suggesting themselves (via “sybils”) as their own article reviewers (referees)! Lovely case of online information manipulation in response to (fairly intense) incentives to increase one’s publication count.
How could an editor be dumb enough to send an article back to the author for review? The trick is simple (though also it shouldn’t be that hard for editors to see through it, and apparently checking is becoming more commonplace: so what will be the next clever idea as this particular arm’s race escalates?). Submit to a journal that asks authors to suggest potential reviewers. (Many journals do this — one hopes the editor selects some reviewers from an independent list, not just from the author’s suggestions!) Then submit a name and university and a false email address, one to a mailbox you control. Then, bingo, if the editor selects that reviewer, you get to write the review.
To reduce your chances of getting caught, you can suggest a real, and appropriate reviewer, just providing an inocuous but false email address (some variant on his or her name @gmail, for example).
Via The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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