Carrot, stick or jawbone? Paperless billing

Carrot: Verizon was getting about 6100 customers a week to switch to paperless billing; then in August it entered all switchers into a contest to win a Toyota Prius hybrid; the rate increased to 17,000. But is sends out about 20.5 million paper bills per month. At that rate: about 23 years to full conversion (and presumably more than one giveaway Prius.
Stick: T-Mobile was getting about 7,000 customers weekly to go paperless. In August it added a $1.50 to every print-on-paper bill; the rate went up to about 231,000 per week. Years to full conversion: about 1.25.
Jawbone: T-Mobile’s customers screamed. A class action suit was filed alleging this was a change of contract terms. About a month after adding the fee, T-Mobile reversed course and is back to encouraging customers to “go green”.\
Via The New York Times.