Lady Chatterly banned again

I am here engaging in what I usually describe as the “manipulation” subspecies of “pollution”. I am doign this to participate in the Amazon Rank project to Google-bomb Amazon.
Apparently on 12 April 2009, Amazon removed books that it deemed had “adult content” from its sales rankings. Because of the way their systems works, this now means that the books are not found in standard searches. Example: use the main search box to query “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”. I just did this and did not get a hit on the book by D. H. Lawrence until #8, and this is an edition available through Amazon’s used bookseller partners, not a new copy available from Amazon itself. Search on D. H. Lawrence’s name, and his most popular book (LCL) does not come up in the first 16 entries (an audio CD edition pops up at #15).
So, an angry blogger started a Google-bombing campaign to make a search on Amazon Rank turn up a a critical definition (follow the link). As a political matter, I support this particular manipulation.


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