The fine line between spam and foie gras

The New York Times (following others) reported today on a large number of detailed, informed, and essentially all flattering edits to Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia page made — hmmm — in the 24 hours before her selection as the Republican vice presidential nominee was made public. The edits were made anonymously, and the editor has not yet been identified, though he acknowledges that he is a McCain campaign volunteer.
Good or bad content? The potential conflict of interest is clear. But that doesn’t mean the content is bad. Most of the facts were supported with citations. But were the written in overly flattering langauge? And was the selection of facts unbiased? Much of the material has been revised and toned down or removed in the few days since, which is not surprising regardless of the quality of this anonymous editor’s contributions, given the attention that Ms. Palin has been receiving.