UCC incentives the old-fashioned way

Ben Kaufman announced Kluster at TED 2008. This is a business through which businesses can solicit user-contributed content: innovative technology or product ideas, business solutions, etc. Why would anyone give a for-profit company good innovation ideas? For a cash incentive…Business post challenges with a cash bonus, and Kluster has a scheme for paying out tha bonus to people whose ideas are successful. (It also runs a prediction market on the side for wagers on which of the proposed ideas will succeed.) No volunteers here: this UCC is compensated in the traditional form of tournament prizes.
Two similar businesses, at least, are already operating: InnoCentive and Cambrian House.
Think you’re smart, but don’t have time or capital to turn your ideas into businesses? Go sell your ideas online!
(Based on reporting in Putting Innovation in the Hands of a Crowd – New York Times)