Other ICD outposts in the blogosphere

I haven’t run across a lot of people blogging narrowly on topics that fall within the purview of incentive-centered design, but here are a few.
The most thoughtful I’ve seen so far is Dave Pennock. Dave was a computer science Ph.D. student of my co-author Mike Wellman here at U Michigan; he is now a scientist in the Microeconomics group at Yahoo! Research.

Among other things, Dave is one of the leading researchers on prediction markets, which are an important application of ICD techniques. Dave covers this topic and others in his blog.
I also found that David Dworin, a student of mine (Master’s of Science in Information) last year, is reporting on a number of topics related to incentive-centered design.
Bokardo: Social Web Design from Joshua Porter gets it, though he is largely limited to designing software interfaces:

“Social design is a subset of design that focuses on the social lives of users. It deals with the activities, behaviors, and motivations of people who work and play together through software interfaces.”


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